Anna Teresa​ Laudato Luxury Events

“If you can dream it you can do it”


(Walt Disney)

Since 2013 we have given life to the wishes of those who dream its own event in an enchanted location, with special attention to the smallest details by those who with love and dedication has managed to turn a passion into a reason for living.



If you are looking for inspiration, some advice or just want to keep yourself informed on the latest wedding and style trends, visit my blog, where you can find what is ideal for you.


I will help you to create the memory of an unforgettable and wonderful day, full of emotions and down to every detail.

Reality has countless aspects, why not give it that of your biggest dream?

Whether it's a birthday, a baptism or any other celebration,

I will make your dreams come true.

I will guide you in choosing the right dress for your occasion by enhancing your shapes and colors and highlighting your personality.


Anna Teresa Laudato

Residente in Campania e operativa

su tutto il territorio nazionale

S.S. 18 Eboli, Salerno

+39 338 89 79 490


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